Monday, January 28, 2008

‘The String Ensemble’

A ten-piece instrumental orchestra
by J P Pereira

Agostinho da Cruz has released an audio CD of instrumentals performed by the ten-piece orchestra ‘The String Ensemble’. This is a collection of pleasant instrumental that includes pop, classical and semi classical tunes.

The programme begins with ‘The Three Caballeros’ followed by ‘Funiculi Funicula/ Valencia’ the ever popular Zorba the Greek’ and Zorba’s dance. There is the beautiful ‘Ozardas’ a track that is rarely available on audio releases, ‘The Great Waltz, ‘Hava Nagila’, ‘Kiss of Fire’ and medleys from Fiddler on the Roof and Arrivederci Roma with ‘Amor’.

‘Love from Athens’ and ‘Spanish Eyes’ continue the album to wind up with ‘ABC do Coracao’.

The String Ensemble has Alvaro Pereira, Reman Fernandes, Jane Mendes, Judy Fernandes and Maria Sancha Pereira on violins, Victor D’Costa on the rhythm guitar, Manuel Dias on the bass, Aurville Rodrigues on the drums, Jolan D’Costa on the mandolin and Agostinho Da Cruz on mandolin and the keyboards.

Wish the producers had included at least two tracks of Goan music, a mando or a dulpod.

This is greatly missed in an otherwise enjoyable album that is worth adding to your collection, Go for it!

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