Sunday, July 12, 2009


Bassplayer Colin D'Cruz launched a new band called 'Latin Connection' with a regular Wednesday night performance at Cavala in Baga, Bardez, Goa.

As the name suggests the band is all about connecting with Goa's Latin roots. The band features Zezinho Fernandes on vocals and guitar, Darrell Rodrigues on keyboards, Colin D'Cruz on fretless bass and Lester Godinho on drums and percussion. All virtuosos coming together to keep Goa's live music scene alive and kicking.

The band's repertoire includes popular Spanish, Portuguese, English and ofcourse Konkani tracks laced with some infectious latin rhythms like samba, salsa, merangue, songo and bossanova.

The debut performance on 6th of July enthralled a packed to capacity house with some of the Cavala regulars deciding to switch they're weekend partying to midweek!

"Jazz Goa"